Toucans, Wild Turkeys, Scarlet Macaws, Grosbeaks, Tanagers and more fly freely in our Bird Aviary. This is a bird watcher’s paradise, as you will see some of the most exotic and colorful birds of Costa Rica, without binoculars! Our Aviary is a refuge for wild birds that have been either captured illegally by hunters and confiscated by the government or donated by their owners. Many of these birds lack the basic skills to survive in the wild on their own.

In our rescued toucan exhibit you can take a photo of yourself feeding our friendly toucans by hand. They will fly right up and land on your arm when you enter the enclosure but don’t be frightened they are very gentle and have excellent manners. Your reward is a photo and theirs is a tasty treat.

Visitors will find some of the best bird watching in Costa Rica inside the aviary as well as outside in the forest and at our feeders. The mountain zone where the park is located is a migration corridor for hundreds of species of birds of Costa Rica as they migrate to various altitudes in search of blooming fruit trees. We are also in a zone where many species of birds migrate north and south through our forest. Without a doubt this is the best bird watching tour near San José.

In the aviary you will find the following birds:

English Common Name

Scientific Name

Spanish Common Name

Scarlet macaw

Ara macao

Lapa Roja

Yellow crowned euphonia

Euphonia luteicapilla

Eufonia corona amarilla

Yellow thighed finch

Pselliophorus tibialis

Saltón de muslos

Rose Breasted grosbeak

Pheucticus ludovicianus


Red-legged honey creeper

Cianerpes cianeus

Mielero de patas rojas.

Baltimore oriole

Icterus galbula


Blue gray tanager

thraupis episcopus

Viuda o viudita

Common bush tanager

Chlorospingus optalmicus

Tangara ojeruda.

Scarlet tanager

Piranga olivácea

Tangara escarlata.

Silver throated tanager

Tangara icterocephala

Tangara dorada.

Summer tanager

Piranga rubra

Tangara veranera.

Variable seedeater

Amauruspiza concolor

Semillero variable.

Yellow faced grassquit

Tiaris olivacea


Keel billed toucan

Ramphastus sulfuratus

Tucán pico iris.

Red lored parrot

Amazona autumnalis

Lora copete rojo.

Yellow throated euphonia

Euphonia hirundinacea


Blue crowned motmot

Momotus momota

Pájaro bobo

Chestnut mandibled toucan

Ramphastus  swainsonii

Tucán bicolor.

Montezuma oropéndula

Psarocolis Montezuma


Yellow-bellied seedeater

Sporofila nigrocolis

Semillero de pecho amarillo.

Buff-throated saltator

Saltador maximus


Passerinii tanager

Ramphocelus passerinii


Green honey creeper

Chlorofanes zpiza

Mielero verde.

Spangled cheeked tanager

Tangara dowii

Siete colores.

Golden-hooded tanager

Tangara larvata


Slate throated red start

Myioborus miniatus


Black-headed nightingale thrush

Catharus fuscater

Jilguero falso.

Red headed barbet

Eubucco bourcierii

Barbudo cabecirojo.

Prong billed barbet

Semnornis frantzii


Black cheeked woodpecker

Melanerpes pucherani


Vermiculated screech owl

Otus guatemalae

Lechucita del Pacífico.

White crowned parrot

Pionus senelis


Crimson fronted parakeet

Aratinga finschi

Perico frentirojo.

Barred forest falcon

Miscratur ruficolis

Halcón de bosque.

Gray hawk

Buteo nictidus

Gavilán gris.

Crested caracara

Polyborus plancus


Black guan

Chamaepetes unicolor

Pava negra

Indigo bunting

Passerina cyanea


Painted bunting

Passerina ciris

Gorión azul.

Chesnut capped brush finch

Athlapetes brunneinucha


Black bellied whistling duck

Dendrocygna autumnalis

Piches de agua

People sharing with tucanos

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