Peace Lodge is pleased to announce we have recently introduced an exciting new line of bath products handmade in Costa Rica

These formulas are rich in anti-oxidant protection, containing organic ingredients gathered from sustainable sources. They are suitable for all skin types and 100% biodegradable. There has been no animal testing ever,  are Vegan and Gluten free.

CO2 Neutral Initiative: 100% of our hotel amenities are made locally in Costa Rica, minimizing their carbon footprint and our water run- off  utilizes these eco-formulations to fertilize our property's native plants

Additionally, our eco-dispensers have a lifespan of over three years, are made from post consumer recycled PETE plastic and are 100% recyclable. The refillable dispensers save over 45,000 bottles per year from land fill sites.

Guests may take  a part of their Peace Lodge/La Paz Waterfall Garden experience home with them by purchasing our Raw Botanical luxury amenities retail line in the hotel lobby.







The owner of La Paz Waterfall Gardens and the Peace Lodge,  Mr. Lee Banks,  is pleased to announce that once again,  all five magnificent Waterfalls are open for the viewing pleasure of the thousands of visitors to one of Costa Rica's  most famous wonders of nature.

The devastating earthquake of January 2009 forced the closure of access to two of the mighty falls,  as the  trails were destroyed. The reconstruction of these trails has been a long, strenuous procedure as Mr. Banks devotion to the preservation of each and every tree, plant and species in the area, would not allow any heavy construction machinery to be used that may cause damage to the flora & fauna of the area. The reconstruction of the new trails was all carried out by manual hand labor,  as were the original trails.

You are invited,  to once again,  marvel at the magnificence of the natural beauty of Templo Falls,  Magia Blanca Falls,  Escantada Falls,  Escondida Falls  and the most famous and spectacular La Paz Waterfall.

Please be sure to ask one of our knowledgeable staff members or read the Guest Handbook in your room as to how to experience the "magic" of Magia Blanca Falls.  It's a memorable experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to our piece of paradise.



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It is with great pleasure that  PEACE LODGE announces our recent  honor of achieving


 under the TOP RESORTS category for  



Our owner, Mr. Lee Banks,  along with the staff and management,  wish  to express  sincere gratitude to our loyal   guests for voting us into this esteemed  position.  It is our goal to maintain the high level of confidence you have placed in us by continuing to provide the ultimate in customer service  complimenting our uniquely distinctive rainforest resort.

We look forward to welcoming one and all to experience PEACE LODGE in the coming years.



Peace Lodge & LaPaz Waterfall Gardens is pleased to announce the birth of two adorable Puma cubs, born to one of our resident female Pumas,  Mey.    Garabito  and Biriteka were born Dec.22, 2013 and gentle Mey is the loving mother she was  expected  to be. This exciting event marks the first  breeding success for Waterfall Gardens  with our large jungle cats.

 After being in quarantine for the first 3 months, the cubs are now frolicking in their natural, spacious enclosure with Mama keeping careful watch over them. After the first 3 months of exclusively being fed mothers' milk, they are now on a diet of chicken, beef and liver and thriving. At just over 4 months of age, the kittens are starting to lose the spots they were born with and by 6 months, they will have lost most of them and have the one color coat of their mother Puma.

 Adventurous, Biriteka, (Teka)  ventured  climbing a " less than sturdy  tree recently"  and once she made it up successfully,  found the climb back down a little more of a challenge than  anticipated.  Note the photo   "Oh, Oh,  this looked like a great idea from below"  She figured it out and landed safely.

Please come and observe the newest additions to our  animal sanctuary family as well as enjoying  observation of our  magnificent Jaguars,  elegant Ocelots,  Margays and  playful monkeys.  Don't miss hand feeding the friendly Toucans and fascinating Hummingbirds and marvel at seeing a newly hatched butterfly make its first flight.  Our popular, one of a kind,  frog exhibit and museum quality Serpentarium are the most extensive displays in the country.



                Proud Mama Mey with Teka & Vito


P1040878 (2)

Oh, Oh… This looked like a great idea from below!!



                               That's a long way down!!








                                                                                                                Now you listen to me!!







                                   Yes, Mama!!

P1040827 (2)

                                          You found me!!!















Vida de la Mariposa

Nuestro laboratorio ubicado en el mismo mariposario es un centro de reproducción para más de 25 especies de mariposas en Costa Rica. Este Le ofrecerá una perspectiva interesante de todas las etapas de desarrollo de las especies más coloridas en Costa Rica. Con más de 4.000 de estas criaturas volando al mismo tiempo en el mariposario es muy probable que alguna de ellas se le pose en el hombro o la mano.

En el laboratorio usted podrá ver muy de cerca como las mariposas emergen de sus capullos así como las otras etapas de su crecimiento. Al ser un espacio encerrado con acrílico el tiempo atmosférico afuera no afecta ahí adentro ya que como muchas personas saben las mariposas están “sintonizadas” con el clima, si está nublado o lluvioso, ellas buscarán refugio en caso de sentir el mínimo indicio de lluvia.

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Nuestra más nueva adición a Waterfall Gardens es nuestra exhibición de felinos. Camine del lado salvaje y véase cara a cara con un jaguar de 200 libras a través de un vidrio de seguridad. A través de nuestra señalización educativa usted descubrirá información de hechos interesantes sobre las seis especies de felinos salvajes de las Américas tropicales. El León Breñero nos da la bienvenida, a él le encanta jugar escondite y demostrar su velocidad y agilidad. Nuestros pumas amistosos saltan alrededor de su hábitat y vienen a menudo a saludar a nuestros visitantes,  nuestra pareja de jaguares le encantarán con sus comportamientos cariñosos: juegan, se lamen y se acurrucan juntos. Aquí usted verá cinco de las seis especies en peligro de extinción de gatos centroamericanos y tan pronto como podamos construir otro hábitat traeremos a nuestro Oncilla de nuestra propiedad hermana The Springs Resort & Spa en Arenal para poder representarles las seis especies que hay en Norte, Centro y Suramérica.

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