Peace Lodge & LaPaz Waterfall Gardens is pleased to announce the birth of two adorable Puma cubs, born to one of our resident female Pumas,  Mey.    Garabito  and Biriteka were born Dec.22, 2013 and gentle Mey is the loving mother she was  expected  to be. This exciting event marks the first  breeding success for Waterfall Gardens  with our large jungle cats.

 After being in quarantine for the first 3 months, the cubs are now frolicking in their natural, spacious enclosure with Mama keeping careful watch over them. After the first 3 months of exclusively being fed mothers' milk, they are now on a diet of chicken, beef and liver and thriving. At just over 4 months of age, the kittens are starting to lose the spots they were born with and by 6 months, they will have lost most of them and have the one color coat of their mother Puma.

 Adventurous, Biriteka, (Teka)  ventured  climbing a " less than sturdy  tree recently"  and once she made it up successfully,  found the climb back down a little more of a challenge than  anticipated.  Note the photo   "Oh, Oh,  this looked like a great idea from below"  She figured it out and landed safely.

Please come and observe the newest additions to our  animal sanctuary family as well as enjoying  observation of our  magnificent Jaguars,  elegant Ocelots,  Margays and  playful monkeys.  Don't miss hand feeding the friendly Toucans and fascinating Hummingbirds and marvel at seeing a newly hatched butterfly make its first flight.  Our popular, one of a kind,  frog exhibit and museum quality Serpentarium are the most extensive displays in the country.



                Proud Mama Mey with Teka & Vito


P1040878 (2)

Oh, Oh… This looked like a great idea from below!!



                               That's a long way down!!








                                                                                                                Now you listen to me!!







                                   Yes, Mama!!

P1040827 (2)

                                          You found me!!!