The owner of La Paz Waterfall Gardens and the Peace Lodge,  Mr. Lee Banks,  is pleased to announce that once again,  all five magnificent Waterfalls are open for the viewing pleasure of the thousands of visitors to one of Costa Rica's  most famous wonders of nature.

The devastating earthquake of January 2009 forced the closure of access to two of the mighty falls,  as the  trails were destroyed. The reconstruction of these trails has been a long, strenuous procedure as Mr. Banks devotion to the preservation of each and every tree, plant and species in the area, would not allow any heavy construction machinery to be used that may cause damage to the flora & fauna of the area. The reconstruction of the new trails was all carried out by manual hand labor,  as were the original trails.

You are invited,  to once again,  marvel at the magnificence of the natural beauty of Templo Falls,  Magia Blanca Falls,  Escantada Falls,  Escondida Falls  and the most famous and spectacular La Paz Waterfall.

Please be sure to ask one of our knowledgeable staff members or read the Guest Handbook in your room as to how to experience the "magic" of Magia Blanca Falls.  It's a memorable experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to our piece of paradise.