Intimate Weddings and Elegant Elopements - page 11

Marrying in Costa Rica is often easier than marrying in the states.
You do not have to be in the country for any specific amount of time
and the ceremony is legal worldwide. However, you will need to
contact the officiant prior to your trip to Costa Rica.
We recommend Marcelo Galli for the ceremony, He will produce all of the paperwork, perform
the ceremony, file the paperwork, translate and send you the
documents once they have been processed. He speaks excellent
English and performs a very nice ceremony. The paperwork can take up
to 12 weeks to be processed. Please keep in mind, you will need to pay
him directly and he only accepts checks or cash.
LD – Lifetime Digital Image,
EV – El Velo Photography,
TG – TohGouttenoire Photography,
EL – Eduardo Lopez Photography,
JY – Jonathan Yonkers Photography & Video,
Please contact your wedding coordinator for more details.
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