Heliconius doris

Heliconius doris butterflyCommon Name: __.

Scientific Name: Heliconius doris

Family: Nymphalidae.

Subfamily: Heliconninae.

Genus: Heliconius, Kluk, 1802.

Species: doris.

FW Length: 35-45 mm.

Geographic Range: from sea level to 1200 m on both slopes, in association with all forest habitats.

Host Plant (s): Passiflora ambigua (Passifloraceae).

Unique Characteristics:
The color of the pattern is highly variable anda can be yellow, red, blue, green, or any misture of these colors.

Metamorphosis Time Life (days)
Egg Caterpillar Chysalis Butterfly Life
14 22 20 28-35
Total Proccess: 84-91