Morpho peleides limpida

Morpho peleides limpida butterflyCommon Name:

Scientific Name: Morpho peleides limpida.

Family: Nymphalidae.

Subfamily: Morphinae.

Genus: Morpho, Fabricius, 1807.

Species: peleides.

FW Length: 64-78 mm.

Geographic Range: from sea level to 1800 m, on both slopes, in association with all forest habitats.

Host Plant (s): Macharium, Pterocarpus, Lonchocarpus, Mucuna. (Fabaceae).

Unique Characteristics: This is the most common species of morpho in Central America, and its floppy, zigzag flight along rivers and forest edges and through coffee plantations is a familiar sight.

Metamorphosis Time Life (days)
Egg Caterpillar Chysalis Butterfly Life
16 60 22-30 21
Total Proccess: 119-127