Papilio polyxenes stabilis

Papilio polyxenes stabilisCommon Name: __.

Scientific Name: Papilio polyxenes stabilis.

Family: Papilionidae.

Subfamily: Papilioninae.

Genus: Papilio, Linnaeus, 1757.

Species: polyxenes.

FW Length: 35-40 mm.

Geographic Range: Occurs from 500 to 1800 m, on both slopes, in association with cut-over areas that experience heavy rainfall.

Host Plant (s): Asclepia curassavica, other Asclepias spp.

Unique Characteristics: Populations of this species undergo rapid local extintions if pastures are not maintained, and this is clearly observable in San José, where there are local year fluctuations in the numbers of this species.

Metamorphosis Time Life (days)
Egg Caterpillar Chysalis Butterfly Life
15 60 22 22
Total Proccess: 119