Swallowtail-Papilio thoas nealcesCommon Name: Swallowtail.

Scientific Name: Papilio thoas nealces.

Family: Papilionidae.

Genus: Papilio, Linnaeus, 1757.

Species: thoas.

FW Length: 57-61 mm.

Geographic Range: Occurs from sea level to 1000 m on both slopes. The species is commonest in areas of high rainfall, although in occurs in Guanacasre during the dry season.

Host Plant (s): Piper (Piperaceae).

Unique Characteristics: The female oviposits from early morning until late afternoon along forest edges and second-growth forest.

Metamorphosis Time Life (days)
Egg Caterpillar Chysalis Butterfly Life
12 55 30-180 28
Total Proccess: 125-275