Siproeta epaphus epaphus

Siproeta epaphus epaphus butterflyCommon Name: __.

Scientific Name: Siproeta epaphus epaphus.

Family: Nymphalidae.

Subfamily: Nymphalinae.

Genus: Siproeta, Hübner, 1823.

Species: epaphus.

FW Length: 48-50 mm.

Geographic Range: Occurs commonly from 400 to 1500 m, on both slopes, in association with wet forest habitats that do not have a pronounced dry season.

Host Plant (s): Ruellia, Blechum (Acanthaceae).

Unique Characteristics: Frequently seen along forest edges and rivers, where they parade back and forth across the edge vegetation about 1 or 2 meters above the ground.

Metamorphosis Time Life (days)
Egg Caterpillar Chysalis Butterfly Life
12-15 40 22 21
Total Proccess: 95-98