Spider Monkeys and White Faced Monkeys amuse our guests and themselves as they climb and swing through the trees of our Monkey Pass. Above, below, and beside you they will delight you with their antics. And don’t miss our visitors from Brazil, the White Tufted Eared Marmosets! Snuggled in the Bird Aviary these cute little critters are enjoying their Costa Rican vacation. All of these monkeys were donated to us by the MINAE, the Costa Rican Ministry of Wildlife and were confiscated from people who held them illegally. In many cases the animals were abused and in near death condition when we received them. We have rehabilitated them and combined them into sociable groups where they have become families.

Everyone wants to see monkeys when they visit Costa Rica but we have the best natural habitats in which to photograph monkeys and interact with them. Our educational signage provides insight into the behaviors, reproduction and future survival of these monkeys in Costa Rica.

Black-handed Spider monkey White-throated Capuchin monkey  
Black-handed Spider White-throated Capuchin