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Monkeys » White-throated Capuchin or White-faced Monkey

White throated Capuchin-White-faced MonkeyScientific NameCebus capucinus

Interesting Facts

The name “Capuchin” originates from the similarity between the head coloration of these monkeys and  the hoods worn by the Spanish order of Capuchin Monks..
They have a long prehensile tail that is the same length of its body.

The population of White-faced Capuchin’s has declined 43% in the past 12 years from a population count of 95,000 in 1995 to a population count of 54,000 in 2007.

They are among the most intelligent primates demonstrated by their ability to use tools in the search for food (Cambridge University).  The only other primates to use tools are chimpanzees and orangutans.


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