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Hacienda Pozo Azul Canopy AdventureHacienda Pozo Azul Canopy Adventure

8:30 a.m. departure, 3:30 p.m. return; up to 2 people;

This unique adventure combines horseback riding and a 12 zip line Canopy Adventure. You’ll begin your tour with a horseback ride along the Sarapiquí River.  The hour ride brings you to the first platform of your canopy.  The 15-platform tour will zip you through the trees as you venture deeper and deeper into the forest.  Once you’ve worked up a hearty appetite, you will enjoy an authentic Costa Rican lunch with a gorgeous view of the Sarapiqui River.




General Information

Hacienda Pozo Azul Canopy AdventureThe exhilarating Costa Rican Invention of zipping trough the tree top canopy in a beautiful jungle setting, with experienced guides and safety features you only find in Hacienda Pozo Azul.

Canopy tours are offered in many different locations in Costa Rica , certainly a wonderful invention we Costa Ricans feel proud of, and any person visiting Costa Rica needs to experience it.

70 % of all life in the tropical forest takes place at the tree canopy level. And observing it along with the exuberance of the vegetation as you are sensing the thrill zipping though the highs is definitely an extraordinary experience, and you would like to do many times.

What Hacienda Pozo Azul offers you differently is, a combination of first class equipment, trained guides, stringent safety procedures, and extraordinary location to assure an unforgettable pleasant experience, and extremely safe one.

History: While scientist were studying life at different heights in the tropical rain forest in Costa Rica , in the 70´s and 80´s, platforms at different heights within the same forest area were built, long time was spent observing the surroundings on top of these platforms, and moving around platforms.

This provoked at some time the idea of using zip lines to move between this platforms. And today is has become one of the most popular adventures in the forest allowing guests to enjoy the thrill and emotion of zipping between trees and having a birds view of the forest.

Canopy tours is being exported to many countries today using Costa Rican Experience, and no doubt it will become a popular activity around the world.



In any situation were life is at risk we believe first in redundancy, that's why we are the only canopy with double cable in each zip line, we suspect eventually this feature will be incorporated in other canopy tours.

Our platforms not only comply with all regulations but we use railing around them, so you feel safer while you observe the tree tops around you.

We use progressive breaks to land in platforms with faster cables, and pulleys have a speed reducing systems which works like a disk break, used on rainy weather.

Initial launching platforms are on the ground so you do not have to climb trees making the process much easier

Our guides and procedures: Our team of guides have been selected and trained in accident prevention , rescue and all the first aid procedures, but above all they follow strict operating procedures on every tour with a no-nonsense attitude to make every tour a safe and enjoyable one. Please see the Guest Testimonials section

Location: Hacienda Pozo Azul has a 400 acre protected forest very accessible with a canyon were our 12 cables and 14 platforms have been installed, protected from winds and using old and strong trees, from where you can admire nature and springs running down bellow. This forest is part of a corridor which includes other biological reserves allowing you to enjoy some of the impressive 440 species of birds, 204 species of butterflies, among the 1650 species of vascular plants reported in Sarapiquí as well as mammals which our guides will point out to you.

We end the tour with a spectacular 1000 ft line which crosses the Sarapiquí river canyon landing right on the reception building, leaving you with a feeling of accomplish



* This tour is not owned or operated by Waterfall Gardens or any companies associated with Waterfall Gardens.  Waterfall Gardens accepts no liabilities for injuries on these tours.

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